We're back with another wedding planning post…today we're talking about the gift registry! Gifts for bridal showers and weddings are traditionally items that help make a house a home–china, cook and bake ware, place settings, etc. This was especially true back in the day when people were much younger when they got married.

Like many folks getting married these days, Nate and I are a little older. In fact, I'd go out on a limb and say most people are waiting till they're a little older, generally speaking, to tie the knot. Most of my brides are in their late 20's- early 30's, actually.

But what do you do when both the bride and groom-to-be have been out on their own for a while and have a lot of house things already? This is a question Nate and I have been struggling with. We talked a lot about it, too–we don't want friends and family to buy us things for the sake of tradition; but we also felt like we should register because we know (ahem, our families) want to buy things for us and “shower us” with gifts and love. And we're so very thankful for that! But it was a struggle–first world problems, I know.

We have both thought a lot about what we need (and what we want) and even things that we already have, but need to be upgraded. Both of us have a lot of home items that have been with us since college. And while they're fine and totally serviceable, it's definitely time to get some more grown up homegoods!  Especially, my one item that I have been waiting to select, I call them  “Getting Married Knives,” for years I have admired all of my married friends and their fancy Henckels, Wustof and Shun knives that it was my turn to register for the fancy stuff!  Keep in mind as a single girl who never cooked, I owned one good steak knife until I met Nate. With that in mind, we went to register! See how corny we are?! I love it! I totally made Nate take this photo, obviously. What a good sport.

IMG 8478

Immediately, I thought about this scene from the classic movie Sleepless in Seattle when Annie and Walter are registering for gifts at Tiffany's. “How many place settings?” “Ten. Exactly. Eight is too few, twelve is too many.” Hah.


But that was basically us, except we went for 12 place settings because we have big families! We decided to keep things simple and classic in the kitchen–white, of course, to showcase the food that will be served (made by Nate). Nate is a bit of a foodie, so I deferred to him on most (ok-ALL) kitchen things. I did insist on this awesome green color for the Le Crueset! He was like a kid in a candy store (see below)! I had more fun with the decorative accessories and linens!

IMG 6259

Overall, it was a well thought out process and I don't believe we asked for anything superfluous. Having recently combined our households, we're excited to have things that are ours –and not leftover from our respective college apartments!

Did you have a lot of household items prior to getting married or did you need everything? Let me know in the comments!

Keep sparkling–