It seems as if the moment anyone gets engaged the question that immediately follows is, “Have you set a date?!” I admit, well before I was in the wedding industry, I may have made this mistake, too. I suppose, given my job, a lot of people may have assumed I had my own wedding planned out in my head well before I was engaged–but, I really didn't! I'm always gathering ideas for clients, of course, and sometimes I would mentally file little things away here and there, but I did not have my wedding planned. I needed a groom to help me! LOL! 

In my last wedding planning post I spoke about accepting that the vision in your head may not become a reality and why that's OK. Today, I want to talk about where we ended up.

First and foremost, we needed to figure out a date for our wedding. As you know, the summer and fall are VERY popular times to get married and, as a result, are also very busy for Katie O' Weddings and Events. So as much as Nate and I LOVE those seasons, we knew they wouldn't work. Nate and I also knew we didn't want a really long, drawn out engagement–a shorter time frame was best for our needs. So that pretty much left us with late winter and early spring. This time of year would also allow for all the other events–showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties–to occur during my “slow” season. Looking at the calendar, we picked a few dates–some in March and some in April–and we started looking at venues.

Knowing that the Canfield Casino wouldn't comfortably fit our wedding, we started to look at larger wedding venues. Nate grew up in the Albany area and I have called it “home” for most of my adult life.   We have family scattered throughout the northeast so we wanted a location that was close by and had hotels, amenities, and things to do. Naturally, we shifted our focus from the Casino, south down Broadway and into Saratoga Spa State Park to the Hall of Springs. The Hall of Springs is certainly large enough to accomodate our guest list, is in a gorgeous setting, is beautful in and of itself, and is managed by the Mazzone team who are known for their impeccable reputation and service. As a planner, I know how awesome the Mazzone team is–I've worked with them extensively and I have complete and total faith in their abilities. Plus, their food is delicious. Nate and I found our wedding venue! 

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When we sat down with the staff from Mazzone to discuss dates, not surprisingly, there weren't many to choose from. Ultimately, Nate and I felt that March would be the better month (and closer to our dating anniversary) and we decided on March 14, 2014 (or 03.14.14 as my planning folder says)!!! And just so you know, despite our Irish heritage, we did NOT choose the date because of St. Patrick's Day! Haha.

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Once we had a date and venue, we needed to figure out where our ceremony would be held. Nate and I are both Catholic and we both attended Siena College. We considered having the ceremony at the church we attend, but we wanted something with more meaning. Many members of Nate's family have been married at St. Mary's Church in Waterford and when we visited together it just felt right–the space is gorgeous! We've also asked the priest at our chruch, Father Walsh, and Father Kevin from Siena College to preside over the mass. Nate contacted St. Mary's and they had 03.14.14 available–it was official! 

So there you have it, faithful blog readers! You're all caught up on the details of our wedding! Did you have a tough time figuring out a venue and a date for your wedding? Did you choose anything for sentimental reasons? Let me know in the comments!

Keep sparkling–