Happy Friday, faithful, fun, blog followers! You may have heard me talk about how busy the month of October is here at Katie O' Weddings and Events and, as a result, September was pretty intense as well–the last few weeks before a wedding tend to be that way! So today I'm going to talk a little bit about the important last few weeks before your wedding and how to navigate them successfully!

  • Probably the most important thing you need to do in the weeks leading up to your wedding is to apply for a marriage license. I can help you plan and coordinate, but without that piece of paper, it's just an awesome ceremony and party. In most places, you need to apply at city hall or town hall and it doesn't take too long. Make sure you bring your IDs and the appropriate documents with you for the day of your wedding, too!
  • With respect to attire, brides will likely have already started getting fitted for their gowns, but it helps to bring someone along who can help you get your dress on and bustled the day of the wedding. Bridemaids will also need to make sure their dresses are in and fitted. For the guys, depending on what you're wearing, measurements need to be taken in advance of the big day and submitted to your tailor and tuxedo / formal wear store.

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  • For brides, I recommend hanging out in your wedding shoes as much as possible before your wedding. If they're really tight, bring them to a shoe repair shop and have them stretched. The Delmar Bootery in Stuyvesant Plaza will do this for you. Also consider having a backup pair of shoes that will be more comfortable. Your wedding is a marathon day and your feet will likely be tired regardless of what you wear! 
  • Arrange your seating chart. This can either be an incredibly difficult task, or a total pain, but figuring out who will sit at what table is a must.Elisabeth Jon 1058
  • Confirm, confirm, confirm! Now, if you have Katie O' Weddings and Events on your team we can take care of sending out itineraries and confirmations for all of your vendors and we'll CC you on every email so you know that every vendor is on the same page. But if you're on your own, make sure you contact all of your wedding day vendors confirming time, duties, any outstanding payments, and layout your expectations of them so there are no surprises on the day of your wedding.
  • Most importantly, take time for you and your partner to relax in the days before your wedding. Enjoy family and friends and soak it all in.

There are so many last minute and little things to do before you get married that I could go on for pages, but I don't want to bore anyone to death! How did you handle the last few weeks before your wedding? Were they stressful or stress free? Let me know in the comments!

Keep sparkling–