A while back (I mean a WHILE) it was pretty uncommon to send a save-the-date for a wedding. But over the past ten years it has become increasingly popular, and even necessary, for many weddings. I don't know about you, but weddings (that I'm attending, not working) seem to take place in clusters. There was a time when seemingly all of my college friends were getting hitched all around the same time–it was intense! Save-the-dates helped to organize all of those awesome weddings. So I'm dedicating today's post to the greatness of save-the-dates.

Do I Really Need to Send a Save-The-Date?

Short answer: probably. Unless you're having a short engagement when the invite would suffice or a small wedding where you can let everyone know by word of mouth or through the family grapevine, I think a save-the-date is a great way to tell everyone to reserve the date on the calendar.

So I Need to Send a Save-The Date–When Should They Go Out?

It depends on what kind of event you're having. Generally speaking, save-the-dates should be sent out 8-6 months prior to your wedding. If you're having a destination wedding, or a wedding during a high-peak season (for example, racetrack season in Saratoga), then the earlier you can send them out the better!

Who Should We Send A Save-The-Date To?

You should send a save-the-date to everyone on your guest list. It's worth noting that you should be clear about who is actually invited. For instance, if you want to invite your friends but not their two young children, be sure you address the save-the-date to JUST your friends. This allows your friends to make arrangements for their little ones so they can party at your wedding. A word of caution–once you send a save-the-date, there's no going back–you must invite those guests to the wedding!

How Should We Send Our Save-The-Dates?

While the good ole US Postal Service is the old fashioned way, lots of couples are going the route of electronic or email save-the-dates. With both delivery options, be sure you have the correct address (physical or email) for your intended recipients!

So those are the save-the-date basics! I think save-the-dates are a really easy way to add some fun, whimsy, and creativity to your event. Check out a few fun examples below!

I am so smitten with this save-the-date from Momental Designs for a June 2014 Katie O' Weddings and Events couple! How awesome is this custom designed watercolor save-the-date? And has a Stewart's cup ever looked this good?!

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This custom save-the-date from The Pink Orange was designed for 2011 Katie O' Couple Marika and Paul's Hall of Springs wedding. They love scrabble, so what better way to tell their guests about their wedding!

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Using your engagement photos is another fun way to personalize your save-the-date–I really like this one from Jenny C Design!

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Are you planning on sending save-the-dates? Do you have any other save-the-date etiquette questions? Let me know in the comments!

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