As a wedding and event planner I've seen some really incredible venues that are so much more than JUST a venue for your wedding or event. I've decided to showcase a few today on the blog for you. Some are near (some are far), but they're all AMAZING!

The first venue is located in Lenox, Massachusetts and known as The Mount. It was Edith Wharton's home and the design was greatly influenced by her book, The Decoration of Houses. Built in 1901, the estate consists of several structures and sits on 45 acres. The formal gardens were designed by Wharton herself.

Katie O' Couple, Melanie and Michael, were married at the Mount in April of 2012.

The Mount 0001 See how the gardens serve as the perfect setting? It's almost as if they could have gone without personal flowers (almost)!


Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion is another amazing former estate and is now a State Historic Park. Located in the Finger Lakes region of New York State, Sonnenberg is one of the few remaining estates with a Queen Anne-style mansion and formal gardens. The gardens were largely influenced by the travels of the former owners, NYC financier Frederick Ferris Thompson and his wife, Mary Clark Thompson. Mrs. Thompson toured Europe and Asia extensively and the nine formal gardens reflect her vision for the estate.

I found these images of Kate and James' June 2013 wedding at Sonnenberg Gardens and Mansion. Gorgeous!

KJ WED BLOG 061 Pp W900 H609 Love, love, love this one! Alexandra Meseke did a great job with their photos!

KJ WED BLOG 026 Pp W900 H609 How amazing are the formal gardens? This is the Japanese Garden, I suspect.

KJ WED BLOG 030 Pp W900 H445

Switching gears from the historic to modern, the Omi Art Center in Ghent, NY is a very unique location with sweeping landscapes contrasted with modern art installations. Check out some images below from Jaime and Brian's 2010 Omi wedding that I found!

This was their ceremony location!

Tumblr L8c8f7wrqb1qzyp0o

Yup, that's a sculpture in the background!

Tumblr L8c8o9gsjn1qzyp0o

How cool is their wedding party?! Looks like Jaime and Brian were ahead of the curve on the pop of color trend!

Tumblr L8c8d56pv31qzyp0o

Tumblr L8c8qtom5m1qzyp0o

Searching for interesting and unique venues is one aspect of my job that I really love! Have you ever been to a wedding in a unique location? Let me know in the comments!

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