From Katie: Today we have a guest post from our outgoing intern, Kelly! Kelly started with KOWE in April and has been an incredible addition to the KOWE team. We've LOVED having her here and we're all going to miss her SO MUCH! But now we have another great reason to visit France and Kelly has lots of reasons to come back to the Capital Region to visit, too!



My name is Kelly Crisinel-Andreo; I'm 20 years old and I'm currently in business school in France (where I'm from). This year I had the chance to do a 4 month, full-time internship with Katie O’ Weddings and Events in the United States.

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Internships abroad are a 2nd year requirement at my school. With one of my best friends living in Scotia, NY, she offered me a place to stay if I found an internship in the area. I decided to search online all the wedding planners around Scotia and sent my resume to all of them, hoping that one would at least interview me and see how motivated I was. AND KATIE O'MALLEY DID! After a Skype interview and several emails from me, I reminded her that I was still very interested and motivated to work with her…and she finally hired me as “the French intern.” She never suspected that I was going to become her “Frenchie!”


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When I first entered in the studio, Katie immediately welcomed me and integrated me into the wonderful and amazing Katie O’ team! I had the chance to directly follow her everywhere, at every meeting and consultation, observing and learning as much as I could to really be involved as soon as possible. In time, she gave me little projects to work on, updates to do on itineraries, start or break down a binder, check the emergency kit and, finally, I ended up helping her with everything that I could do. Besides all the office work, I also had the chance to work on almost every wedding day from April to August, and learned A LOT about how to run a wedding! I also learned how to handle the unexpected, how to deal with people, and how to always do our best so that their wedding day is the happiest day of the life of our clients!


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Two frenchies!


I could speak about my experience at KOWE for hours, but if I have to describe it in three words, they would be:

  1. Learning. I have learned more and more about being a wedding planner everyday. I've learned how to deal with people; to speak English better (because it was easy to speak it everyday); what it's like working a full-time job, and having responsibilities. But, above all, I learned about myself and what kind of life I want to live.
  2. Fun. This was one of the most fun experiences I have ever had and I was happy to go to work or to a wedding every day. Even if I knew I was going to be tired, I also knew I would always laugh throughout the day. 
  3. And finally, Katie O’Malley. Katie is the reason why my internship was enriching and fun! She always took time for me, to explain or review things with me, she did everything to make it the best experience possible for me. After it all, she was more than just “the boss,” she became my friend.  

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It wasn’t fun all the time–sometimes because of the weather (and especially this season–so much rain!), sometimes because of people, sometimes because, after a 12 hour day, you are just tired, sometimes just because you weren’t in the mood, or because living this far away from your family and friends is not always easy. But today, after 4 months and 11 weddings, the only thing that comes to mind is how enriching, fun, and sparkling was this experience for me.


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I will never forget this experience and I will be forever grateful to have had to chance to live it. I would like to thank the following people for being the reason for my happiness here in New York:


– Elizabeth Ann DeFazio, Kelly Hammond, Jillian DeGregorio, Chelsea Baratto, Megan Wolszczak, Veronica Young, and Ana Puritano from the Katie O’Team;

– JP Elario, Joe Elario, and  Hayden Yund from Elario Photography and Kris Ann Elario from the Fleurtacious family;

– Ginni O’Malley, Robert O’Malley, and Nate (O’)Maloney for being my American O’Family;

– All the happy KOWE couples that I loved working for;

– And KATIE O’MALLEY for being the BEST BOSS I will ever have in my entire life!

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Ne cessez jamais de briller (Keep Sparkling)–

Kelly Crisinel-Andreo – aka “FRENCHIE”

From Katie: So now I'm officially in tears! Kelly has demonstrated hard-work, dedication, and enthusiam since she walked into the studio four months ago. I've come to appreciate her contributions to the business as an intern and, most importantly, to my life as a friend. We wish you all the luck in the world, Kelly, and remember to share the sparkle wherever you go!


 Bon voyage, cher ami! XOXO

(oh, and how awesome is “keep sparkling” translated into French?!)

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