Today we're going to shift gears a bit and focus on the guys. So much attention is placed on the bride, but, hey, it's the groom's day too, right? As much as I enjoy seeing my brides transform from their everyday look into, well, brides, sometimes it's even more fun to see the groom in his suit or tux. With the bride, I often see the dress a few times before the wedding or maybe attend a fitting, so it's not a total surprise on the actual day. I seldom see a groom in his attire prior to the event, though! There's something about a man in a well fitting suit–so dapper!

Over the past few years there has been an amazing shift in formal wear for men…a return to classic style and elegance. Interestingly enough, you sometimes see perfectly fitted suits and tuxedos paired less formal socks or shoes, but it adds a sense of playfulness and whimsy to the day (and your photos)! So sit back, I've complied a few great resources and looks for the grooms-to-be out there! Enjoy!

I recently learned of the Black Tux through, ironically enough, GQ Magazine! They did a feature on men's formal wear and mentioned the Black Tux. So what is the Black Tux? Essentially, it's an online tuxedo shop that has high quality suits and tuxes at great prices. Some tuxedo rental stores (not naming names, but they're a large corporation) have lower quality tuxes (only 80% wool blends as opposed to 100% merino wool at the Black Tux). The Black Tux has also partnered with leading designers to create modern, yet timeless looks at a better price. And no plastic shoes here, boys. Even better, your tux arrives a week before your event and you can ship it back for FREE! A tux that would cost you $1500 you can wear at around $100! How awesome is that?

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For those still looking for a more traditional experience and only a brick and mortar store will do, I often send grooms to Mark Thomas Men's Apparel in Colonie. They have an amazing staff that will help a groom create a custom look for the big day! Check out how dapper this Elario groom is in his suit from Mark Thomas Men's Apparel?!

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For those looking to rent a tuxedo locally, two shops that come to mind are Tuxego and Waldorf Tuxedo Company. Tuxego has been in the formal wear business for over 25 years and has some great designer tuxedos, including Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, to choose from. Owner and stylist Anthony Commisso will guide you through the process every step of the way to ensure you're happy with your look. Check out recent Katie O' Groom, Nick, in his Tuxego tux (photo by Jeff Foley Photography).
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The Waldorf Tuxedo Company has been a fixture in Albany's historic Center Square neighborhood for nearly 50 years and has been serving the Capital Region since 1936! Simply put, they know what they're doing! John and Matt Wagner are available to answer questions and advise grooms on style and fit. 

Last, but not least, Amore Clothing is one of the most well-respected and unique men's wear stores in the Capital Region. Amore has been located in downtown Albany since 1967 and was founded by Angelo “Joe” Amore, a master tailor from Italy. Amore custom clothing provides incredible service and offers meticulous attention detail–everything is literally made for you. How amazing and special for your wedding day! 

Brides, would you encourage your soon-to-be husband to explore any of these formal wear options? Grooms, how are you feeling about all this? Let me know in the comments!

Keep sparkling–