Happy Tuesday, y'all! We had THREE weddings this past weekend and I am so tired, but I think I'm really just coming down from my sparkle high. Today we're going to talk a bit about southern wedding traditions and how we're seeing some of those customs make their way north. So many great ideas to share with you.

Signature Drinks: This custom is very traditional in the south and its something we're seeing much more of here in the northeast. Some couples choose a signature drink for the bride and one for the groom, others choose a cocktail for the evening, and others have their drink reflect their location. So fun! I had one couple choose an apple cider sangria for their October wedding. It was a tasty, albeit strong signature drink!

Monograms: Another traditional southern wedding idea that is sprouting up everywhere! The idea behind this is for the newlyweds to show off their new monogram. These days I've seen a lot of couples using their initials! Love these images from Melissa and Jerome's 2010 wedding and from Design Sponge founder and blogger, Grace Bonney!

 Melissajerome 1164


Groom's Cake: I was first intorduced to the idea of a groom's cake in the classic 80's movie, Steel Magnolias. Since then I, obviously, love them and, someday, want Shirley McClaine there to cut the groom's cake at my own wedding! Hah. Check out this awesome Ohio State cake from Baker's Cakes!

 Ohio State Buckeyes Grooms Cake Full

Bridal Portraits: Not something we've seen much of here (yet), but a classic southern wedding tradition that began way back when it was uncommon for a photographer to be at the wedding capturing the day. The bride's family would commission a bridal portrait of the bride to display at the wedding and in their home afterwards. How fun to get all dolled up and in your gown BEFORE the big day!

Mason Jars: Who hasn't see mason jars used in the past few years at weddings? Interestingly enough, long before they were all over the internet, they were a staple at southern weddings and were used for all sorts of purposes! Love this photo from Design Sponge blogger Grace Bonney's wedding in Savannah, Georgia!

Planter 1

House Party:  This might be one of my favorites.  I have plenty of clients who wish to have small bridal parties but still want to honor their close girlfriends in a special way. Members of the House Party help with the bachelorette party, bridal shower and wedding day tasks like handing out programs, serving cake, reading during the ceremony.  They get a front row seat with the family, but do not stand up at the altar with the bride and her bridal party.  It is nice to have 1 or 2 ladies stand-up for you and wear one color and then have your “house party” wear varying shades of the same color but not the same dress.  Or maybe you can gift them a fun sparkly necklace to wear on the wedding day!

House Party

Wow, I am in LOVE with some of these ideas! Would you consider incorporating some southern traditions into your big day? Let me know in the comments!


Keep sparkling–