It's Wednesday and you know (or at least I HOPE you know) what that means! That's right, I have another great Katie O Weddings and Events wedding to share with you. We're headed back to the summer of 2012, but this time we're up on Lake George with Elyse and Brian at the Sagamore Resort.

Elyse and Brian are a really FUN couple–and I think you'll see what I mean the further we get into the photos. Bailly Photography was on the scene that day capturing every bit of the beauty!

Like most wedding mornings, I arrive to see my bride and her ladies being dolled up. This time it was by the Make Me Fabulous team. I love how Elyse was just hangin' out…curlers and all! 

 Eb1 9045 Pp W760 H506

Eb1 8913 Pp W760 H506

While Elyse was getting ready, Brian was getting dressed. Yes, there's a difference. It takes HOURS for the women and mere minutes for the men. Sigh.

Eb2 7603 Pp W760 H506

I love this image of Elyse and her Mom helping her into her dress. Check out the look of anticipation in her face!

Eb1 9305 Pp W760 H506

Another gorgeous Katie O Weddings and Events bride! An amazing bouquet from Surroundings.

Eb1 9437

I love everything about this!

Eb1 9497 Pp W760 H506

A heartwarming moment with Elyse and her Dad right before they head down the aisle…

Eb2 7801 Pp W760 H506

And Brian awaits his bride.

Eb2 7657 Pp W760 H506

Mr. and Mrs.!

Eb1 0518 Pp W760 H506

Back at the Sagamore…does it get better than this?! Classic Americana.

Eb1 0756

And you know my penchant for forehead kisses…

Eb1 3609 Pp W760 H506

So Elyse and Brian and big basketball fans, but this was a first for me!

Eb1 1117

And then this happened! HILARIOUS (and impressive hang time)! Also, I love that her veil is flowing in the wind…

Eb1 1045 Pp W760 H506

Back to the reception, I'll end with a sweet moment with Brian and Elyse.

Eb1 5322 Pp W760 H506

Keep sparkling–