Happy Monday and Happy April (fool's day)! I hope everyone had a great holiday between Passover and Easter. I'm back from a relaxing weekend on Cape Cod with some friends…I have to get my beach time in now before the season picks up, you know! The beach was amazing and Syracuse won (my dear friend, Johnny, is a HUGE 'Cuse fan), but now we're back to it at KOWE headquarters! 

Today's Trends posts focuses on unique engagement ring trends for 2013. I thought this would be an interesting post because I'm seeing more and more engagement rings that are a departure from the classic solitaire (not that there's anything wrong with the classics; they're classic for a reason). I think it's fun to check out what we might be seeing on the left hands of future Katie O Brides, so here we go!

Bypassed and Twisted Settings. These are really cool rings; they speak to a bride who really wants her ring to standout from the crowd. The only (potential) challenge with these unique settings comes when picking out a wedding band which will, most likely, need to be custom made to fit the engagement ring. Some e-rings and bands are sold as matching sets, so that can be a help.


Mixed Metals. This isn't actually a new trend–it became quite popular back in World War II when many precious metals were being used towards the war effort. (One of my friends has a family e-ring that is both yellow gold and palladium that's from the late 1930's). Mixed metals are making a comeback and create a versatile ring that will endure (and go with everything!).


Stacked Bands. I really love this trend; so modern and fun.

Images 2

Vintage. What's old is new again…vintage rings can be actually vintage or new rings designed to look vintage…either way, it's a classic, ornate look for a modern day bride.

Images 1

Colored Stones. This one doesn't need a tong of explanation, but has gained popularity through celebs and Kate Middleton. Swoon.

Images 3


Have you embraced any of these trends or would you consider any of them? Let me know in the comments!

Keep sparkling–