It's Monday and that means it's time for a peek into to what's trending in weddings! Today's Trends post spotlights food trucks! I've only had a few appear at KOWE weddings, but it's a feature I'm seeing more and more of and I think it's so fun and super tasty!

Most of the time we associate food trucks with outdoorsy or country weddings, but that's not always the case–they're popping up everywhere. I really love this trend because adds an element of whimsy and keeps the day light and fun. Plus, it's usually a surprise to someone…whether it's the bride or groom or the guests, people really love food trucks!

I love this image that I found from Snippet and Ink featuring a doughnut food truck! So fun, so laid back, and so delicious!

Donuts Wedding Truck

Mr. Ding-a-Ling made an appearance at Katie and Heidi's summer wedding at the Pruyn HouseHattie's was the caterer for their event, too. Talk about classic summer fare! When everyone needed a little break from dancing, the ice cream truck pulled up–so perfect (and sweet–hah–pun intended)! See more of their day in our gallery!

IMG 1065

I LOVE this image from Katie and Greg's summer 2011 wedding by Mike Gallitelli of Metroland Photo–Greg is the General Manager at Franklin Plaza so he knows weddings! An ice cream truck from the Snowman, the Lansingburgh institution, was on scene for a sweltering July night and was a huge hit with guests!

MICHAEL GALLITELLI 1052 600X 0 Img3371

 I love this image of the Skillet Airstream in Seattle…so cool.

Food Truck Wedding

Lastly, looking for a local food truck for your event? Our friends at the Wandering Dago are available and so delicious! Read more about them in this great post from All Over Albany

Wandering Dago Couple

I'm seriously hungry now! Would you consider having a food truck at your wedding or event? Let me know in the comments!

Keep sparkling!