I want to start by saying that I really mean it when I say, “I love all of my Katie O’ couples.”  Sometimes, however, a very special couple comes along and it really makes you remember why you do what you do and love what you do.  I am beyond excited, honored, and flattered to have this Katie O’ wedding featured on Style Me Pretty- The Ultimate Wedding Blog” for SO many reasons.

One of my favorite reasons is that it is truly one of my proudest accomplishments since I started my business.  When I first met Ashley & Eric (at my “office” aka Panera Bread at the time) they did not really know exactly what they wanted or where they wanted it just yet.  They were fun, down to earth, and perfect for each other.  They also happened to be BRAND new proud parents of a 2-month old son named Jackson.  Needless to say this was a couple that needed and wanted help planning the big day.  Like all of my consultations, I made sure they knew that I was here for them for as little or as much as they needed and happy to help take them from overwhelmed to overjoyed.  When I left the meeting, I felt good but knew they still had some decisions to make with moving forward.

Ashley toured a number of different venues with her Mom and sister.  Considered many options with a ceremony and celebration out in California, a ceremony and celebration here in New York and everything in between.  When she finally got to the point where she didn’t know how to make a decision, had toured a number of venues, and was feeling overwhelmed we talked.  I said to her “Take a break from planning and thinking, sleep on it and then close your eyes, and tell me where you see yourself exchanging your vows with Eric.”

The very next day I was officially hired and planning an intimate wedding ceremony and celebration in Montecito, California and a huge party and celebration at Saratoga National in Saratoga Springs one month later!  Ashley knew that the location for her intimate ceremony and celebration was their family home in the Montecito hills and a laid-back party back home with all of their friends was what she and Eric had always dreamed.  I was excited, nervous, and so ready to get started in making their dream come true!

Now the reason why this is one of my proudest accomplishments in business is simple…they put all of their trust and confidence in me to make it happen.  Ashley and Eric were certainly involved every step of the way with the planning and details.  They truly worked together in making the decisions from the color foil used on the invitations, the entrée served at dinner, the cupcakes for the welcome bags and all the details in between.  Overall, they trusted me to bring the options, create and set the scene for the overall day and make their wedding day dream come true.  We did it.  We absolutely did it and from the picture below you can see how happy both Ashley and I were with the result.  Hands down one of my favorite pictures with a bride ever.



Showing Ashley the reception space at San Ysidro Ranch

Maybe not the most flattering pic but I LOVE this so much…

Kind of a funny story about the picture above.  I made it to the San Ysidro Ranch in advance of the bride and groom.  So, I was able to see the amazing transformation by Mindy Rice before Ashley & Eric had the opportunity.  The feeling I had when I saw that space was indescribable, it was a physical reaction to over 1 year of planning (from afar) and wanting everything to be perfect for my couple.  I cried, yep, I kinda wept like a baby.  I went to meet Ashley and Eric and was still a little emotional….Ashley was worried something was wrong and I told her “no nothing it is just really amazing!”  We still joke about this today!

I have come a long way in the past 18 months since I met Ashley and Eric in Panera that night.  I have a studio space where I meet clients, I have witnessed so many beautiful couples get married, I have doubled my business from year one, I have been blessed with an amazing team of coordinators who help me make it all happen and for all of these things I am so grateful.

I remember when the Style Me Pretty blog was first up and running and pouring over it, in awe of all of the talented and amazing weddings and vendors featuredthere.  I am so proud to say that Katie O’ Weddings & Events is now one of those vendors!  Thank you Abby & your team for highlighting this very special couple and making me sparkle!

Big sparkly “thank you” also goes out to:

My talented, patient and sparkly assistant Megan who traveled with me on this one and helped to make the entire wedding flawless.  You are the best and I am so grateful to have you on my team!

Clark+Walker Studio for the stunning images, The Pink Orange for the creative and beautiful custom designed invitation suite, Mindy Rice Floral and Event Design for taking our ideas and running with them, Something Bleu Bridal for taking such good care of my bride and putting her in her dream wedding gown, Nikhi Korula for his amazing talent and providing the perfect music and voice to make the celebration fun (check him out he is awesome!),  Miriam Lindbeck for creating an absolutely meaningful and perfect wedding ceremony, Penny Beavers the harpist who even played “It’s a Small World” when Jacks made his way down the aisle, the staff at San Ysidro Ranch for their hard work and TEAM hair & make-up for making everyone look even more beautiful!