There were very few things that Brian didn’t get involved in throughout the planning process.  One task that he had nothing to do with but will definitely like the end result on the wedding day is hair & make-up.  Sarah is a beautiful person, both inside and out, so she doesn’t need too much help in this area…let’s be honest!

With all of my clients I refer 2 or 3 different vendors for them to try out, meet with and learn about their work.  Sarah had a couple of trials and ended up loving her make-up from Kaitlin Bray and hair by Janette Nammour from Salon Onaj.

I absolutely believe that on your wedding day you should be pampered and treated like a queen, so please opt for the beauty team to come right to you at your home or hotel where you are getting ready.  This is the one day you are not going to want to be stressed about doing your own hair and make-up and also if they come right to you it means you can just roll out of bed and start enjoying your day right away!

We will definitely have some beautiful images of Sarah and her bridesmaids to share after the big day so you can see first hand the amazing talents of Kaitlin & Janette.