So what does a DJ do for music on their wedding day?  I was really interested to find out what Brian was thinking when it came to music.  When we initially met, he wasn’t completely certain on what the plan was.  On one hand he had plenty of people who were willing to DJ for the wedding, but on the other hand he and Sarah liked the idea of a live band.


Music is certainly a huge part of any wedding day or celebration.  If having a live band is a priority for your and you fiancé then you should definitely check out some of the options in the Captial Region.  Brian and Sarah looked at various websites and also were able to go see their wedding band, Grand Central Station, live at a public gig.  As a wedding planner, I always try to keep up to date on when local bands have public shows and always encourage my clients to go and check them out to get a feel for how they sound and perform live.


Brian and Sarah knew they wanted a fun party, talented musicians and a band that could keep the dance floor packed all night.  When they saw Grand Central Station at Katie O’Byrne’s they instantly knew it was a perfect fit.  In addition to being a group full of talented musicians, they are complete professionals and have been working alongside throughout the planning process to make certain that they are completely happy with all the music selections.  Paul, Jenry and Mia have been consulting with them to make certain that they are happy with the ceremony music selections, have learned new songs at their request and overall have been committed to making this a great party for the couple.


We are really excited to get the party started on Saturday and can’t wait to see what Grand Central Station has in store for the big day!


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