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The Moment: Katie O’ Weddings & Events

Photo by Elario Photography

I really believe that as the Wedding Planner/Coordinator, I am the luckiest wedding vendor out there!  Now, I am not saying that any of my photographer, videographer, DJ or florist friends aren’t lucky but I guess I am really saying that as the planner/coordinator we really do have the absolute honor of being involved in so much of the planning and spending time with the couple before the big day that it makes the wedding day even more special for us.

Photo by Elario Photography

There is something about that feeling of taking a client into a wedding venue that you have hand picked for them and having them turn to you and say “yes this is it!”  Something about witnessing those special moments between the couple when they are in the thick of a planning meeting and they just look at one another and laugh or smile at something silly that makes it seem like they are the only two people in the room.  Something about being there and learning the inside workings of the family dynamic and being prepared on the wedding day, knowing the ‘players’ and everything that makes them tick.  Something about getting a text that just says-”thank you so much, we don’t know what we would do without, this can get so crazy and just knowing you are taking care of everything makes it all so much easier.”

For me, all of the months and hours of planning, meetings, stressful late nights staying up to make sure every last detail is tended to is made worth it for “the moment.”  I like to call it the “Katie O’ Moment.”  This perfect point in night when all of the formalities are complete, it is time to really celebrate, be surrounded by your closest family and friends and be dancing the night away.  Without fail and at every wedding Katie O’ couples get their “moment.”

Photo by Elario Photography

It is at this time of the night when I can be found on the outskirts of the dance floor, beaming from ear to ear and taking a picture to capture their moment.  I feel the biggest sense of pride and accomplishment.  This is why they trusted us with their most special day, so they could be here in this moment and not have a care in the world.  We truly feel so blessed to get up every day and actually make a living by making a couples dream come true.  We look forward to a truly amazing 2012 wedding season and are so excited to kick it off with a very special moment for Brian & Sarah!

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The Ride: Today’s Limosuine

Brian and Sarah will certainly be arriving in style to their wedding day.  Mike over at Today’s Limo is providing their brand new 18 passenger Escalade for the happy couple and their bridal party!

Transportation for the bride and groom on the wedding day is definitely something to consider when planning a wedding.  You should be treated like royalty on your big day and having a nice ride and helpful driver to get you from place to place is just what you need.  While managing transportation on for the wedding day can at times be difficult, trying to determine pick-up times, drop-off and how many hours you need..it is worth it.  Plus if you hire a wedding coordinator we will worry about all those details for you!

Today’s offers so many different vehicles types for weddings and special occasions.  They are extremely professional, reliable and easy to work with.  We are proud to day that many Katie O’ couples have used Today’s and have been extremely happy with their service!  Check them out on Facebook today at Today’s Limosuine.

The Photos: Julia Zave Photography


I am really looking forward to working with Julia on this wedding.  We have not had the chance to work together yet so we both are looking forward to the opportunity.  When Brian and Sarah and I met at first they were still up in the air on who they would have take their wedding photos.  It was something that was important to them both but they didn’t have their heart set on a certain photographer.

Julia has taken photos of Brian for work and also shots of some of Sarah’s fights, so it seemed like a perfect fit to have her be their wedding photographer.  They decided to have Julia take some engagement photos and get a feel for her style “outside the ring” and “outside the studio.”  Once they saw the finished product they knew that Julia was their girl!

The happy couple…I love this shot from their e-shoot!


She made them feel comfortable and at ease and they both knew that is what they wanted to feel on their wedding day.  I can’t recommend having an engagement shoot enough to my clients get to know your photographer better and feel more comfortable in front of the camera.  This really does help on the wedding day to get even better images!

So stayed tuned as I am certain you will be seeing a lot of fabulous images from Julia coming soon!

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The “Borrowed”: Total Events

When it comes to the wedding day there is that old adage “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue!”  Well one of the best places around for “borrowed” items is event and party rental company Total Events!

Sarah knew that she really wanted gold chiavari chairs for her wedding reception, as many brides do.  I would definitely say that chiavari chairs are one of the hottest rented items for many couples who book venues that they need to provide chairs for or have a venue where they prefer to bring in their own chairs.  The Franklin Plaza does provide chairs and they will use them for the ceremony but adding the chiavari’s to the dinner adds a little sparkle!

Fun fact:  The Chiavari chair is named after the coastal Italian town of Chiavari from which the design of the chair originates.

Overall Total Events will be adding some pretty amazing design elements to the big day in addition to the chairs.  There will be a custom lighting element, a classy and swanky lounge and some sparkling gold votives.  When it all comes together it will help to create the fairy tale that Sarah and Brian have been hoping for.

A fun image with Total Events & Party with Mia at the Franklin Plaza…image by Elario Photography

We are excited to work with our friends form Total Events and know that there will be some fantastic images to share after the weekend!  So stay tuned for more great details!

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