FRIDAY 12.17.21

7:45am     Make-up & Hair stylists  (Alayne & Patty)  arrive to Emily at Adelphi/Polaris Suite, start Emily & 1 other

9:15am    TEAM KOWE arrives with breakfast

9:30am   Morgan, Taylor, Kim, Jan to arrive to Emily in Polaris Suite

10:00am  Matt Ramos Photographer & Walker Wedding Group Videographer arrive

10:45am   Emily Hair & Make-up complete /gets into dress

11:00am    Personal Flowers arrive at Adelphi

11:30am       Bridesmaids Hair & Make-Up complete

11:15am         First look with Emily & Dad at Polaris Suite

11:30am        Video of couple reading letters to each other

11:45am       First Look – Bride & Groom Shots at the Adelphi & other locations nearby. First Look & Bride & Groom Shots at the Adelphi (and maybe a couple wedding party!) then travel to Saratoga State Park HOS Area (stopping for some shots on the way at the pathor other locations)

12:30pm   SUV ARRIVES to Adelphi for Emily, & Ivan, Morgan , Taylor & Jackson  and Peter R. to take to HOS and make a few stops for just B & G pics (to follow Matt Ramos from Adelphi)

1:15pm     SUV and Ramos arrives to HOS, SUV then can go get Emily parents & Ivan Mom at Adelphi  (SUV stays on site)

1:20pm    Peter TenEyck, Kimberly & Jan DEPART in SUV from Adelphi

1:30pm      All family arrive to HOS in SUV (head to bridal suite)

2:30/45pm     Guest arrivals at ceremony location        

2:45pm            Prelude begins                                                         

3:00pm     Ivan & officiant take place at front of aisle.–Standing L-R: Officiant and Ivan 

3:00pm   Processional Begins:                        

  1. Parents of the Groom Peter (w/ rings) & Jan (seats Jan then Peter goes to stand next to Ivan)
  2. Jackson 
  3. Kim Ten Eyck MOB with James Willy and Mike Croake
  4. Morgan Ten Eyck
  1. Taylor Ten Eyck (next to Emily)
  2. Emily & Father                                                                 

3:30pm           CEREMONY ENDS

Emily Ravlich & Ivan Ravlich

Taylor Ten Eyck & Jackson Springer  &  Morgan Willy

Peter Ten Eyck & Kimberly Ten Eyck

 Peter Ravlich  & Jan Ravlich

Officiant  – Andy Craig        

4:30pm    Cocktail hour ends, guests invited into ballroom   

5:00pm     Mr & Mrs. Ivan Ravlich

First Dance

Mother & Son / Father & Daughter (together)

Short dance set                         

5:30pm      Welcome toast from Ivan Ravlich / Blessing from Pastor Andy Craig/ Speech from Peter Ten Eyck, FOB

5:45pm        First Course

Speech by Peter Ravlich, Best Man

Speech by Jackson Springer, Groomsman

6:15pm           Entrée Served

7:15pm            Cake Cutting

9:45pm       Blake to sign final song on dance floor

9:55pm     Band to invite guests to outside for exit 

                  Blake to sing song outside for exit of Emily & Ivan

10:00pm    End time and sparkler exit (SUV available for family)

Taylor to take flowers for Saturday!

Wedding Coordinators:

Katie O’ Maloney 518.573.6991

Casey Benson – 845.849.6494