11:45am: Photo & Video arrive – smile 🙂

12:00pm: Chad and guys 80%* dressed and ready for pictures
* Leave jackets and bow ties off until photo captures this

1:00pm: First look for Dylanne and Chad

1:30pm: Bridal party pictures

2:00pm: Family photos

2:30pm:  All pre-ceremony photos complete, Chad and guys walk down to the ceremony

2:30pm: Guests start to arrive

3:00pm: Chad and G’men take place at front with Officiant, Kenny

Standing L-R: Chad –Tim Hester, Jake, Zach, Brandan, Tim*, Nick Edick, Nick Regan

Processional Begins:

Parents of the Groom, Kevin and Lynne

Mother of the Bride, Jolie escorted by Tim*

Procession of the Bridesmaids:                                    

Brooke Hendrickson

Katelyn Hile

Alison Stanulevich

Danielle Tonkin

Casandra Pinder

Meagan Burke

Chelsea Flach

Heather Deyo

Children, Maia Manikas (2), Maisie & Brooklyn Burke (6), Cameron Manikas (9)

Dylanne & Dad, Tim

3:30pm:   Ceremony ends; cocktail hour begins

4:15pm: Extended family pictures

4:30pm: Cocktail hour ends, Guests invited to find their seats

4:45pm:  Wedding Party Intros (Parents, Bridal Party, B&G),

First Dance; Parent dances

5:00pm:  Toast by MOH, Heather, Toast by Groomsman Jake

5:15pm: Entrée served; Dylanne and Chad say a “thank you” speech

6:30pm: Cake cutting

8:30pm: Night pictures for D&C

9:30pm: Reception ends


Casey Benson – 845.849.6494